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Everyone knows Grand Theft Auto series. This particular cycle offers us a glimpse into the most interesting, the most dynamic, and the most fascinating criminal underworld. GTA 2 that we are currently describing was the last game from GTA series prepared without 3D. However, it introduced so many interesting elements and solutions that we can find them even in the latest productions. That is why Grand Theft Auto II became a cult game that will forever be in our hearts and minds.

GTA 2 – what is this game all about?

If you decide to use GTA 2 Download links, you will be able to try out full version of the game. In there, you will take the role of a beginning gangster. Since our reputation is poor and does not allow us to perform any meaningful task, we have to start our climb towards the top. Once we befriend with one of three criminal families, we will be able to earn real money and become more powerful with every task. Of course it all depends from us whether we decide to choose Yakuza, Zaibatsu, Rednecks, or many other criminal groups out there!

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This game is truly extraordinary and lets us enjoy many different aspects of action game in an open world. That is why we recommend playing Grand Theft Auto 2, especially if you can do that simply by using our services!

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The minimum hardware requirements for GTA II. Links to download PC version of the game.

b) The official premiere of GTA V on PC took place on October 27, 1999. GTA 3 is a game that does not require a lot of free space on your hard drive. In order to install it, we will need only 200 MB of free hard drive space.

The only thing we need for smooth and dynamic gameplay is Pentium II 233, 230 MHz processor and RIVA TNT2 graphics card.

The minimum amount of RAM memory necessary to properly launch the game is only 64 MB.

We can easily lunch GTA 2 on computers with: Windows 2000 and newer operating systems.

In order to download GTA 2 on your computer, click the button bellow. The time of downloading and installing a game depends on the speed of your connection.

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